It's time to give yourself a gift 

If your life and masterpieces are important to you, give yourself the gift of spending 1h to think about you and what you want. If you want me to serve you, you will love taking the time to answer these few questions because they will help you get clarity. Self coaching is a big part of how I will serve you. 

  1. Answer all the questions bellow with fearless honesty
  2. Within a couple of days I will reply to you with question to dig deeper, or an invitation to a first conversation
  3. At the end of the session, I may offer you to work together or you will choose a challenge
  4. When you complete your challenge, we will have another conversation
  5. We will repeat this process until we're ready to work together
  6. The longest it has taken a client to be ready is 2.5 years
  7. The best day to plant a tree was 40 years ago, the second best day is today.
What elements of your past define who you are now?
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